Our Core Values

We believe that everyone has a right to a better life

We believe that we all have the right to live freely together in communities.

We believe that the land is immensely endowed to support better life and our role is to cultivate it and everyone should benefit from the bounties of the land.

We believe that we are accountable to the resources committed to us to improving lives.

Our Philosophy

We believe that improving lives is a collective responsibility we all share and have our unique roles to play to achieve sustainable results.

Our Accountability to stakeholders

As an organization and as individuals, we are ethical in our dealings.

We treat all people with respect

We are open and transparent about our work and programmes

We operate an all inclusive organization; you are involved in the design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our work.

We are committed to improving lives and building better tomorrow today.

Our Primary stakeholders

Our primary stakeholders are the people and communities we serve

Other stakeholders include Ohaha team members, partners, donors, organizations and Ohaha Family Foundation board members

Broad Objectives

The following are the broad objectives of Ohaha

Protect and defend Human rights

Promote access to basic healthcare

Promotion of child protection, rights of children & youth development and address the issues related to abuse and marginalization of children, adolescents and youths.

Promote access to water hygiene and sanitation services

Promote gender equality and empower women, girls and address gender based violence

Disaster Risk reduction, provide timely relief assistance to disaster affected people and communities and assist their rehabilitation and recovery

Geographical focus


Focus Groups

Ohaha Focuses its programs and activities on the socio-economically disadvantaged groups of women, youth and children.

Ways you can help

You make improving lives possible.

Ohaha Family Foundation strongly believes that you can join forces with us in improving lives of Nigerians by providing us the tools and resources to achieve sustainable impact to the people and communities we serve.

Your contribution powers the impact, and you can trust that your contributions will be graciously applied to improving people’s lives around the country.

There are ways you can contribute (support) improving lives and building better tomorrow today;

Make a one-time donation to improve lives

Give monthly- giving cycle

Partner with us

Ohaha gifts – Mark your special occasion by giving through us to improving lives

Gifts of assets

Planned giving – leave a legacy

Get involved

See for yourself – visit us in the field and see for yourself

Attend an event


Work with us

Our Strategy

Support sustainable impact improving lives; building better tomorrow, today by inspiring and empowering people improve their own lives through education, empowerment and socio economic development with particular focus on protecting and empowering people in rural communities using their comparative advantage in their various communities.

Our Focus Community

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with an estimated population of 174.5million people. An estimated 80% of Nigerians live in poverty, and in majority of the situation, most of the poor people are illiterate.

The challenge we see

The increase in communal clashes, religious and ethnic crises puts a strain on growth and development and thus we are poised to building better tomorrow today – for where people can exercise their rights to life and community, growth and development can be achieved and greatly horned if we work together.

Our work

  • Maternal & Primary healthcare; OHAHA supports the provision and access to quality primary healthcare service to people living in rural areas ‘the health of the poor is the wealth of the poor’. The right to life begins before birth and thus we provide quality maternal services to impact birthing of healthy children and mothers also support reproductive health and education.
  • Education; supporting people in rural communities by providing them with quality education at all levels from pre-school to adult literacy – empowering them takes informed decisions to improve their lives.

Agricultural support services; we in OHAHA believe that Nigeria is blessed with abundant resources to support the human population, and in our drive to improving lives,